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Facts & Figures

Beechworth is part of the Indigo Shire, which is located in Victoria's picturesque Northeast. The shire borders the Murray River, the Australian Alps and the municipalities of Wodonga, Wangaratta, Towong, Alpine and Moira.

Key Industries

Key industries in the Indigo Shire include high quality primary and secondary education, accounting, legal, medical, dental and associated services. The economy is based on farming, processing of primary produce and provision of services including tourism.

There are over 700 separate businesses based in the Indigo Shire, including two operations that individually provide employment to over 100 people: Murray Goulburn Cooperative Ltd, a major manufacturer of milk, cream and butter products in Kiewa, and Uncle Toby's Company Ltd, a subsidiary of Nestle, manufactures cereals and health food products in Wahgunyah.

Health Services

Beechworth is equipped with a Hospital that offers a wide range of health and aged care services to the local community. Services on offer include care for medical conditions and post operative care for those recovering from operations that are undertaken elsewhere.

Palliative care can also be provided for those people who are in the final phase of a life threatening illness.

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Education in Beechworth

Education in Beechworth is made up of two preschools, six primary schools (three in Beechworth and three with a 10 minute drive), a secondary college and an Adult Education Centre.

For more information visit the 'Education and Childcare' section of this website.

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Growing Produce

Beechworth and its surrounds range from 550 - 800 metres above sea level. With Beechworth's high level of sunshine hours, vineyards in the sloping terrain are generally planted at altitudes of around 400m. The region is cool with high continentality making vine planting sites important for viticulture.

The best sites are located away from higher altitude, cold-air drainage channels, with the risk of frost high in both Spring and Autumn. Much of the region's soils are granitic loams over decomposed gravels and clays.

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Beechworth, North East Victoria, Australia
Postcode 3747
Latitude 36.3703 S
Longitude 146.7133 E
Elevation 580.0m

Population 1996 2001 2006 2011
Indigo Shire 14,181 14,716 14,798 15,178
Beechworth 2,953 2,778 3,227 3,559
* Statistics obtained via the Australian Census Counts - Specified Towns Beechworth

Average Temperature & Rainfall
Mean Daily Max Temp (deg C)
Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
27.3 27.3 23.9 18.6 13.9 10.7 9.6 11.3 14.3 17.8 21.5 25.1
Mean Daily Min Temp (deg C)
Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
13.4 13.8 11.4 7.9 5.3 3.4 2.6 3.4 4.9 7.0 9.3 11.6
Mean Rainfall (mm)
Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
48.8 51.8 60.8 65.8 90.4 109.2 109.3 105.9 91.2 89.8 68.3 60.9

* Statistics obtained via the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for Beechworth updated April 2013